There and back again. A dual-citizens tale, by D-USA

About Me

I’m a thirty-something husband and father to two wonderful kids who was born and raised in Germany, and who has been living in Oklahoma after moving here as at the age of 15. As a dual-citizen I don’t really fit the technical definition of an expatriate, but moving from one continent to another as a teenager definitely gave me the expat experience. After living in Oklahoma for over 20 years and starting a family here, the itch has started to put that dual-citizenship to good use and to move back to Germany for a while so that the family can have that multi-cultural experience.

I know that I’m technically not an expat, and that moving back to Germany would make me more of a repatriate, but considering that I’ve never been a responsible adult in Germany I think this still qualifies as weird  twisted version of the expat experience. I’ll be guiding my wife, who will be the true expat out of the bunch, throughout this experience and it will be an interesting case of the severely vision impaired leading the blind. The plan is to make the move in 2 years, and this blog will chronicle the process of trying to navigate the flowing waters of moving to a different country as they break against the shore of the German bureaucracy.