There and back again. A dual-citizens tale, by D-USA

Got That Travel Itch

The thought of moving to Germany usually hits me at least once a year. It really jumps to the top of my mind after visiting Germany, because who wouldn’t create an idealized version of living in a different country after spending a short vacation there. An unexpected series of events resulted in a surprise short-notice trip back to Germany for a week, and the “why don’t we ever move here” thoughts came crawling back.  And while the US and Germany have many similarities, the reason for this trip was also a big reminder of just how different these countries are. We have always played with the idea of spending some years in Germany and we think it would be a great experience for our kids to experience the different culture for a while, but a fear about taking that risk has kept me from committing to making that jump across the sea. But we think that the time is right to go for it, and we have decided to set a goal of moving in the Summer of 2019. It’s two more years of waiting, but it will let us prepare ourselves for making the move and it will give me plenty of time to enjoy the wonders of German bureaucracy so that we can have our ducks in a row for the move.

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